About The Blog

In this blog are stories – conveyed through the written word and photographs – of tattoos and their people. Some subjects I know personally…others are strangers that I was crazy enough to approach and ask to share a bit of themselves with a total stranger. Who am I? A middle-aged (ouch) suburban homemaker who loves to explore and experience…

The idea for this endeavor came to me in late 2009, after completing the final leg of a spiritual trek…from a miniscule box full of closed minds and judgments to a wide open place where free spirits are honored and embraced. The outward expression of my shift was a tattoo…a work of art inked lovingly around my female curves by an artist – and man – of great depth. The invisible changes I experienced are too large in scope to articulate concisely. I do know that since busting out of the box, I am intensely curious about all of the people I used to dismiss as misinformed rebels and now view as evolved.

Join me on this journey where I will explore the motivations and meanings behind various tattoos and get a little glimpse inside the spirits of people that let their bodies become canvases for talented artists. Maybe I can shatter the stereotype once held by myself and still clung to by those who remain in boxes. And, maybe along the way through trial and error, I can become a better photographer…

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  1. Well said Janet!!……

    Indeed….I am Out of The Box ~ Evolved

    I am a Free-Spirit ~ And stay True to Myself

    I am a Goddess…….

  2. Gave me chills! So glad to be by your side on this journey! Love you and love seeing you become who you truly are…a BG till death! Stef

  3. Thanks for writing about this. There’s a lot of solid tech info on the internet. You’ve got a lot of that info here on your web site. I’m impressed – I try to keep a couple blogs somewhat current, but it’s a struggle sometimes. You’ve done a big job with this one. How do you do it?

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